Useful facebook shortcuts

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Most of us have an account on Facebook. Productivity Gurus keep telling us that Facebook and Twitter are a waste of time, but we still keep going there to socialize with our online buddies.

So, if you are going to use Facebook anyway, why not use keyboard shortcuts to save some time. Here ’s a list of very useful Facebook shortcuts.

Alt+M Send a New Message by opening the Send Message dialog box

Alt+/ Move cursor to the search box at top

Alt+1 Go back to home page

Alt+2 Go to your profile page

Alt+3 Accept/Deny a friend request

Alt+4 Go to messages page

Alt+5 Open notifications tab at top

Alt+6 Go to account settings page

Alt+7 Go to privacy settings page

Alt+8 Open the fan page for Facebook.

Note that there is no need to press the + key while using the shortcut. The + symbol signifies that you must press the two other two keys simultaneously.

Also, if you are using Firefox web browser, then you must use the Shift key instead of the Alt key.

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