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ne of the things I have found myself needing over and over again as I design websites is “dummy text” or “filler text”, that looks like real content, that I can use to fill up a page so it gives the client the feel of a finished page, text and all. Filler text matters because it allows you the designer to get an accurate feel of the balance between design elements and white space, and to see the relative weight of the text on the page, compared to other design elements. I use it all the time.

If you’re in the habit of mocking up webpages for your web design projects, you’re going to need dummy text! Here are a selection of filler text samples for your consideration.I don’t know what else to call this. It’s English words but it’s meaningless. Some people (myself included) prefer this to Lorem Ipsum because it’s sort of more obvious that you’re filling up a space with “crap text”.

You know the box you always have to scroll thru to read the terms and conditions on a website, before you can enter or maybe buy something? It’s always the LAST thing the client’s legal people get around to writing and so you DEFINITELY need dummy text for that. My friend Syrus gave me this the other day and it really gave me a good laugh.

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