Strategies for Classrooms-Activities and games-The 3-B Framework! (Belong, Believe, Behave)

Props/Prep: Yes Time: 45 – 60 min Audience: Any (teams) Physical: No Activity:  This activity is reflective and discussion based.  It is appropriate for any age group.  It is best done where there is a white board and room for small groups of participants to gather and talk.  A writing surface is optimal.    It is a […]

Strategies for Classrooms-Debates

Debates Props/Prep: No Time: 15-25min Audience: Any (groups) Physical: No Debates allow you to add a participatory dimension to your lecture without compromising your control of the class. One strategy is to divide students according to where they happen to sit. Another approach is to ask them in advance to seat themselves in the section […]

Strategies for Classrooms-Brainstorming

Brainstorming Props/Prep: Yes Time: 20-30 min Audience: Any Physical: No Brainstorming is a great way to allow students to voice their opinions or ideas in a safe environment. Brainstorming techniques can include the use of sticky notes, 3 x 5 cards, flip chart paper, or white boards. Brainstorming is meant to stretch the learner by […]

Strategies for Classrooms-Asking good questions

Quescussion Props/Prep: No Time: 15-45 min Audience: Any Physical: No Quescussion, as the name indicates, is a type of discussion that is conducted entirely in the form of questions (think Alex Trebek). The professor asks a question or makes a statement to the class (this question should be projected on the screen). There are some […]

Strategies for classrooms-Universal Design for Learning Guidelines

I. Provide Multiple Means of Representation 1: Provide options for perception 1.1 Offer ways of customizing the display of information 1.2 Offer alternatives for auditory information 1.3 Offer alternatives for visual information 2: Provide options for language, mathematical expressions, and symbols 2.1 Clarify vocabulary and symbols 2.2 Clarify syntax and structure 2.3 Support decoding of […]

Strategies for Classrooms-Role Playing

Props/Prep: Yes Time: 20-30 min Audience: Any (team) Physical: Yes, role play The first step in this lecture variation is to give a mini-lecture to establish the context and setting for the role playing. Then divide the class into a number of small groups of varying sizes (if you have a large class, you may […]

Strategies for Classrooms-Concept Mapping

A Concept map is a diagram showing the relationships among concepts. It is a graphical tool for organizing and representing knowledge. Concepts, usually represented as boxes or circles or “nodes”, are connected with labelled arrows in a downward-branching hierarchical structure. The relationship between concepts can be articulated in linking phrases such as “gives rise to”, […]


The biggest challenge any teacher faces is capturing the students’ attention, and putting across ideas in such a way that it stays with them long after they have left the classroom. Creative Teaching Classes Outside the Classroom Role play Story board teaching Stimulating Classroom Environment Think About A New Hobby Puzzles and Games Work together […]

Teaching Excellence for Student Success

6 Teaching Techniques You Should Know: Flipped Classroom (Inverting your class): The Flipped Classroom Model basically involves encouraging students to prepare for the lesson before class. … Design Thinking (Case Method): … Self-learning: … Gamification: … Social Media: … Free Online Learning Tools: A teaching method comprises the principles and methods used by teachers to […]

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