whatsapp നിങ്ങളുടെ പ്രമാണങ്ങൾക്കും കുറിപ്പുകൾക്കുമായി ഒരു സ്വകാര്യ സ്റ്റോറായി എങ്ങിനെ ഉപയോഗിക്കാം ?

  താഴേ പറയുന്ന പോലെ ചെയ്യുകയാണെങ്കിൽ നിങ്ങൾക്കു WhatsApp ഒരു പ്രൈവറ്റ് ഫയൽ സ്റ്റോർ ആയി സൂക്ഷിക്കാം.കൂടാതെ കമ്പ്യൂട്ടറിൽ നിന്നും ഫയലുകൾ ഫോണിലേക്കു പെട്ടെന്ന് മാറ്റുകയും ചെയ്യാം . ആദ്യമായി ഒരു ഗ്രൂപ്പ് create ചെയ്യുക ഏതെങ്കിലും ഒരാളെ അതിൽ ആഡ് ചെയ്യുക .എന്നിട്ടു ഗ്രൂപ്പ് നെയിം കൊടുക്കുക എന്നിട്ടു WhatsApp ഇൽ നിന്നും ഇപ്പോൾ ഉണ്ടാക്കിയ ഗ്രൂപ്പ് ഓപ്പൺ ചെയ്യുക .എന്നിട്ടു അതിൽ നമ്മൾ ആഡ് ചെയ്ത കോൺടാക്ട് ഡിലീറ്റ് ചെയ്യുക ഇപ്പോൾ മെംബേർസ് ഇല്ലാത്ത […]

What are the Android secret codes

  Below List Consists of almost 27 Android secret Codes that you might have not known but Since i have shared them here now you are aware of them. So use them whenever you Wish to Check and explore more about your Phone.We all know that Android is one of the leading Mobile Operating system. […]

How to factory reset iphone without password

  Everyone has their own Reasons of having password on their phone. Most of the time its about Security Reasons and to avoid unauthorized access but the real problem occurs when you fail to remember or forget your Password. In such situations, only thing that comes in mind is to factory reset the phone so […]

Samsung smart phone secret codes

Software version: *#9999# IMEI number: *#06# Serial number: *#0001# Battery status- Memory capacity : *#9998*246#  Debug screen: *#9998*324# – *#8999*324# LCD contrast: *#9998*523# Vibration test: *#9998*842# – *# 8999*842#  Alarm beeper – Ringtone test : *# 9998*289# – *#8999*289# Smiley: *#9125# Software version: *#0837#  Display contrast: *#0523# – *# 8999*523# Battery info: *#0228# or *# […]

Smart phone trick everybody should know

Smartphones have gone to an advanced extent than ever. A new technology will be introduced someday and it will be there in smartphones sooner than our thoughts. The phones which we are using nowadays packs features like fingerprint screen lock, front and rear-facing cameras, dual-cameras, IR blaster, heart rate monitors, and what not. Most of […]

The most advanced headset for personal audio.

Immerse yourself in purer audio. HTC U11 introduces the latest version of HTC USonic, which now combines active noise cancellation with the ability to tune audio to your unique hearing. Other headsets focus more on obtaining great sound quality while overlooking the fundamentals – each of our hearing structures are different. Our USonic earbuds map […]

iPhone X deals, specs and news: Apple promises delivery within one week

THE LONG AWAITED iPhone X is now available. Apple’s 10th-anniversary smartphone went on sale across the globe on 3 November, with thousands of customers queueing to get their hands on the £1,000 handset. The iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10) is the company’s first smartphone to feature a full-screen display, as it sets its sights on the likes of the Galaxy […]

Reasons Why You Should Launch a Mobile App for Your Business — and few Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

Research has shown that the enterprise mobile app market is expected to grow to $63 billion by 2020. In 2016, the average number of apps created by businesses was 11, a 126 percent increase on the number created. The case for creating mobile apps for business is strong, but like anything, there are good and bad ways to go […]

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